Ed Q: Thanks for taking the time to answer some of my questions.

Ed A: Oh, no problem my pleasure, but, uh… let me get something straight, first.

Ed Q: Sure, shoot.

Ed A: I’m Ed Kurst and you’re Ed Kurst.

Ed Q: Yeah, buddy!

Ed A: So, when I’m asking myself a question, I’m Ed Q. When I’m answering myself, I’m Ed A?

Ed Q: You often talk to yourself?

Ed A: That’s your first question?

Ed Q: ….

Ed A: Uh…well, no. Well, maybe some…whatever. How about another question?

Ed Q: Okay. So, why do you write in general and specifically why did you write The Know: Preservation? You have an engineering and not a journalism degree, correct?

Ed A: First, spot on regarding the educational background. Second, why do I write in general? I enjoy the creative process. When on a walk, if a character or a specific scene comes to mind, I have the urge to put it on paper. As for why did I write The Know: Preservation, that’s more complicated and would take some time to explain.

Ed Q: I have as much time as you do…

Ed A: Yeah, I guess you do. Well, I like to read about a lot of different stuff. When a subject interests me, I tend to get wrapped up and thoroughly research it. It’s a holdover from my engineering days.

Ed Q: You’re digressing.

Ed A: Oh, yes. As you know, we sometimes tend to do that. I was reading about human evolution, particle accelerators, epigenetics, time travel, and, well, you get the picture. While on a walk, all these things fell together, and The Know series was born.

Ed Q: Surely, not the entire trilogy.

Ed A: Not everything, of course, but a lot of it. I sketched out most of the trilogy in a series of notes over several months. I debated with myself about various plot lines, character interactions, and theories for the science part of the science fiction. Then I started writing a narrative for the first book and sent it one chapter at a time to my brother.

Ed Q: Why him and not me?

Ed A: It’s hard to debate with myself. We tend to agree on things too quickly.

Ed Q: Yes, I forgot. Continue.

Ed A: My brother also writes so he’s a good sounding board. Actually, he’s the natural writer in the family. Anyway, we enjoy reading each other’s stories and commenting on what we like and don’t like.

Ed Q: I see. How long did this go on?

Ed A: It went on for years.

Ed Q: Yes, now I remember! So, you were saying, the first draft was when exactly?

Ed A: The first, very rough, draft of Preservation was finished in 2008. A few years later, I wrote a draft of the second book, Evolution.

Ed Q: Why did it take so long to get to publication?

Ed A: Work, retirement, life. It’s a hobby, and I didn’t know anything about writing and the publication process.

Ed Q: So, what pushed you over that edge to want to publish?

Ed A: It was just luck that my mother pointed me in the right direction. A granddaughter of her best friend is a writer and content editor. Other than that, there was that other teeny weenie problem.

Ed Q: You don’t need to tell me about that! But, please explain for the readers.

Ed A: The first draft was really, really rough. Let me crudely paraphrase and summarize my content editor’s ten page comment letter. “Ed, this is a very interesting story, and I encourage you to publish it, but first we need to teach you how to write.”

Ed Q: Oh! Weren’t you crushed?

Ed A: Well, kind of, but she just said it all so nicely!

Ed Q: I’m glad we persevered!

Ed A: Me too.

Ed Q: So, what else is in the pipeline, or are you only going to publish this one book?

Ed A: I want to finish The Know series over the next couple of years: Preservation, Evolution, and Salvation. I’ve also written about fifty pages for a book called The Fae: Contagion and laid out all the characters and basic plot.

Ed Q: Oh, nice. Will The Fae also be a series?

Ed A: Perhaps. I haven’t gotten that far.

Ed Q: That’s all the questions I have for today.

Ed A: I invite any of my readers to ask me questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.