Do you want someone to tell you how to write a New York Times bestseller right out of the pipe and demystify the publishing process in a few short articles? Ha! Not possible! However, I will try to impart a few things I have learned. First, let me provide a little history on my own writing journey.

Several years ago an idea for a book occurred to me. Perhaps more accurately, several very disparate subjects plus a lifetime of personal experiences seemed to gel into a story. I wrote down a narrative one chapter at a time and shared it with my brother. We had fun kicking it back and forth via email.

Years passed. I decided the story should continue and wrote the second book in the Know series. Same process, same fun with my brother.

Then, about two years ago, with some encouragement from family and friends, I decided to move the rough draft of the first story toward a novel. I found out there’s a big difference between essentially writing a campfire narrative and actually saying you have a book that can be published. Luckily, a family friend is a writer and has a content editing business. I’ll paraphrase and summarize the ten-plus page editorial on my rough draft. “Ed, this is a very interesting story. All you have to do is learn how to write.”

Argghhh! What to do? I just buckled down and revised and revised and revised and…The Know: Preservation emerged. I also learned my first three rules of writing. First, if you have a thin skin, don’t write. Second, always believe your content editor. Third, to paraphrase Thomas Edison, “Writing is 1% inspiration and 99% profusely swearing and perspiring over revisions!”

I’m absolutely not going to say that writing and publishing one book makes me an expert. But I read a lot about the subject and was fortunate to be helped by some experienced people. Also, with only one book under my belt, the difficulties and confusion about the process is still fresh in my mind.

My motivation in writing the articles that follow is to help someone else achieve their dream of writing and publishing a book. I’ll do my best to pack my advice into just a few short articles. Hopefully, it will part some of the clouds obscuring your goal.