Novel Publicity would like to welcome everyone to The Know: Preservation Tour with author Ed Kurst!

Today Novel Publicity interviews the author. We’d all like to get to Know him a little better, understand his writing process, and discover what it was like to publish his first book! Read on for some great conversation with Ed Kurst.

(1) What was your experience like publishing The Know: Preservation? Did you self-publish, use a small house publisher, or try to pitch a big publishing house?

I read several books and a lot of articles about the various publishing choices. After all that research, I couldn’t decide, but I was fortunate to have a family friend who was a content editor. She then recommended a firm to do the copyediting, and they recommended a website designer. The website designer had a business that included book publicizing and a book cover artist. So I decided to self-publish.

(2) The cover of your book is unique, and lets the reader’s imagination begin to bubble. Who did you work with to create the cover, and what was that experience like?

Creating the cover was a collaborative process with the cover artist, Mallory Rock. She requested answers to a long list of questions. My wife and I also did a lot of online research to locate images we believed depicted Traveling as I described it in the book.

Mallory took all this information and produced a couple of covers. They weren’t what I had in mind so I provided some more specific input about the theme and color palette I was looking for plus how I would prefer the title to be oriented.

The final cover didn’t depict the actual act of Traveling, but I did feel it evoked the feeling of time travel. I love it and am tickled you liked it as well!

(3) Now that your book is out, what are your next steps as an author? Can we expect more books in the near future?

The Know: Preservation is the first book in a trilogy. The second is The Know: Evolution, and the third will be The Know: Salvation. These should be published over the next few years. John Preston will remain the lead character, and there will be both old and new villains and supporting cast. John and the world are in for a rocky ride to salvation!

I also have about fifty pages and an outline completed for a book called The Fae. It will be filled with magical creatures, both good and evil, that live in the current day world but are known by only a few.

(4) Time for a few questions about your first book! The Know: Preservation uses some real names and places in our world, for example, Chernobyl and the Family America. Would you say that your book presents a possible alternate history for the world we live in today, albeit with a number of science fiction elements like The Know, ELAC and CACH?

Yes, it is an alternate timeline world. But as the book occurs around the year 2030, I’d like to think it is also juuuust vaguely possible, you know, if there had been people with the Know secretly directing events for the last seventy thousand years!

And, ummm… if you know that the Family America exists today, uh… could you give me their phone number? I’d like to talk to them.

(5) Tell us a bit more about ELAC and CACH, where did you get the idea for these two plot elements?

I’ll try not to get into the weeds, but I am an engineer…

I wanted to create a science fiction basis that would allow all sorts of possibilities to present themselves. So the traditional limitations that are still imposed by modern quantum physics needed to be removed. Access to sub-Planck space was required.

I took the furthest theoretical predictions for accelerator technology and extrapolated them to their endpoints. That resulted in the colliding-particle energy of one million teravolts achieved by the ELAC. To do that would require materials not currently known today and component assemblies in the angstrom range. Even at that level, ELAC would have been many, many orders of magnitude shy of what would be needed to approach the Planck realm.

The CACH, where the “coalescence point” occurs, was a necessary meld of extrapolated science with pure science fiction. Multiple million-teravolt fields overlap to create the exponentially more intense energy effect required to breach the Planck energy threshold.

Okay, I did get in the weeds…some.

(6) Last questions – and they are fun ones! If your book had a favorite color, vehicle, and place to travel, what would it be?

Definitely, the fav color of my book would be electric blue: the color of the energy fields when Traveling through Zpace and the color of Stacey’s eyes.

Hmmm… vehicle… That would be another thing all together. I’m just too personally in love with the red 1967 Corvette L88 Coup. Now if I only had four million dollars lying around in a shoebox somewhere…

My book would definitely want to spend more time with Tril. It would be fascinating to talk to and live through every detail and rendition of the future she manipulated in order to save the world from disaster.