John Preston set aside the easy bullet that would end his certain lingering death. He now Knew too much. His mind had just returned from a wild ride tens of thousands of years into the past where he witnessed three primitive humans divining a path to save humankind from a global fiery catastrophe. What John now Knew might cure him but could also require he shred the very fabric of time and space.

John’s quest for answers will thrust him into the lead role to confront the Consortium, a cabal of eight families with the power to Know the future and the past. Guided by John’s latent Know ability and a 70,000 year old prophecy, he sets out on a path for his own salvation. Success will mean life, failure…a cruel doom for all humankind.

Preservation is the first book in the Know Trilogy which wraps a new theory of space-time, humankind’s evolution, millennia old conspiracies, and imminent global destruction around a broken man’s redemption, an evil man’s reckoning and a driven woman’s unique destiny.


Am I dead?

I couldn’t hear, touch, move. Bodiless, my consciousness careened down a corridor of utter blackness. Yet there was something there, something my mind was connected to in a way that had never happened before.

Falling into this endless spinning void, I began to thrash around in a panic. At the same time, my heart raced in exhilaration and anticipation. I slowed and then paused in the uncertain darkness. It was as if I was standing on tiptoe at the edge of the Grand Canyon in the dead of night, arms spread wide, waiting for the whipping winds to lift me into flight or potentially cast me into oblivion.

All that separated me from familiar reality was a transparent black membrane. Beyond, tall grasses waved on a moonlit plain, eventually breaking against thickening scrub brush and a forested area. I pressed my consciousness against the fragile boundary and pushed through.

On the edge of the forest, primitive humans spoke in low, guttural voices. I was drawn inexorably to the eldest at the gathering and entered her mind. I was still myself but also simultaneously viewed, felt, and watched from within her at this gathering. Her present, her experiences, her thoughts were now mine.

Immediately sensing my presence, she pushed me gently but firmly to a mental arm’s length and silently commanded, ‘Traveler, observe.’